Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Group Shabam

Our group presentation responded the question, "How have artists in the hip-hop community influenced and promoted education in under-privileged communities in order to combat poverty?" The presentation gives examples of several well-known artists in the hip-hop community who have used their careers to influence and inspire education. A range from rap artist Tupac to R&B star John Legend provides for a broad spectrum of the hip-hop community's influence. The group includes research in the introduction, which provides for an explanation to connect the significance of education to deterring the cycle of poverty.


  1. I don't listen to hip hop, so I don't know about the artists being influential in the quest to decrease poverty using education as a vehicle. Based on what you've said, perhaps I should read the lyrics of their music or read about their work with certain causes.

    I hope it's working. I hope you all found evidence and detailed it during your group presentation.

  2. We used a range of different artists who specifically promoted positive messages and discussed their advocacy and philanthropy. My favorite was John Legend ;) I also did research on the influential factors of popular culture in our communities and its impact on the outlook of youth.

  3. Good project. So important to think and discuss before we automatically follow.