Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Post (August 22-25): Introduction To The Course

Hello, my name is Dannie Bolden and this is my section of this weeks blog post so feel free to comment and enjoy the reading.

In regards to the question "What do you think college will be like after going to class for a week?", I think that college will soon become as routine as high school once was, you get up, study, do your work, and master your subjects and topics. "What do you expect of freshman seminar ?", I expect freshman seminar to enrich my mind about the progress of Africans and their descendants from the ancient civilization all the way up to our current time period. 

"Which of the lectures seem most interesting?", the lectures that seem the most interesting to me are "Abandonment and Dismemberment: “Something Torn and New” and "Practices of Freedom and Justice: The Black Diaspora". "Which do you feel most comfortable about, or which are you looking forward to the most? ", I feel most comfortable about the Diaspora lecture because it will teach me so many things about why and how the Africans dispersed across the world.

"How do you think Freshman Seminar and/or its goals and objectives help you meet your academic goals?", I honestly at the moment cannot describe how this will impact me in regards to meeting my academic goals in other subjects, but I am sure along the way I will find many uses from this seminar. "Have your expectations for life at Howard been met?", In some ways it has and it someways it has not. Howard University will eventually meet my expectations I am sure.

Until Next Week,

Dannie Bolden II 
Class of 2015

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  1. You seem to be an easy-going young man. :)

    Next time, separate your questions and answers. Let your question stand alone as a paragraph, and then have the answer under it as another paragraph. Continue this format with each question/answer set. It will be easier to read.

    I'm curious to know your "specific" ways expections at Howard have or have not been met.

    Hope things are going well for you since you wrote this post.