Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ready... Set... GO!

Alas, the summer has ended and a new school year is here. However, this new start is completely different then any new beginning that we've ever embarked on. We are officially in ... College. New places and many new faces. Out of our own individual comfort zones and into a new place in which we soon love and call home. The Class of 2015 comes from as near as a few blocks from main campus and as far as California and Alaska. There are even some students that are international and not from the continental U.S.A.

Now that we are here and wrapped up our first week of classes, I can say that it has been a smooth transition. I can honestly say that I did NOT have any bad encounters with any staff, and I saw them as very helpful. I find that interesting because people often advised me that Howard University,(or just HBCUs in general), would be a terrible place for me to be, and if I had to choose one, go to Morehouse. I felt that I should do what's best for me... and I believe I chose right. Howard Alum California Attorney General Kamala Harris spoke with me and wished me the best at her Alma Mater. I look to do great things here at Howard University - An Elite Black Ivy League School. The "Mecca" of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

My challenge is for all of us to live up to that name and be the best that we can be. The time is now. Are we ready? I think the Class of 2015 is.

Ready... Set... GO!
David Thomas
Political Science
Oakland, CA

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