Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 1 Down, 119 to Go

The end of the beginning is here for us Howard students now that we have finished our first week of class. W have learned where our classes are (sort of), got all our books (maybe), and learned all of our professors names (probably not). My initial college experience has been hectic since I arrived slightly later than most people did, which put me behind and I have yet to catch up, but I'll get there.
Upon graduation from high school, I thought to myself, (or maybe screamed for all of my friends to hear, I forget) "Yes! No more homework!" Wrong! I have massive amounts of reading to do in books which I don't have, write blogs and poems and take placement tests for some classes. Since the track team has a two practices a day, I now know what the main thing I will be learning at Howard is: time management.
Another thing I will be learning is note taking, and I think this is where Freshmen Seminar will prove to be useful. In a class which is mainly centered around lectures and then blogging about the topics, good notes are going to be a highly valuable resource. In addition this, learning note-taking will provide a good base foundation for the rest of our college experience.
I am going to enjoy the Omoluabi lecture which is based upon communal responsibility, because this world has become so impersonal. Instead of going over a friend's house, people just call instead. But wait, instead of calling, you can just send a text to them. Many people are concerned about the condition of the world today, but in order to become a global community, seeking a shift to a new direction, I think it is necessary for people to actually "commune" with each other.
Most of my expectations have been met here, though much of the time it seems like those in charge of what's going on don't know what is going on. I'm sure I was not the only one to go to somewhere looking for something and then be told to go somewhere else, only to go right back to the first place! But besides that, being on the track team has exceeded my expectations by far! One day Coach made me run about ten miles. Ok, this is no problem, I'll just sleep the rest of the day and I'll be fine. Then Coach says "Joseph, I'll see you this afternoon for your long run." I'm like "What!?" I don't remember the last time my legs weren't sore, but I love it for some cursed reason. Week one, over but not out.

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