Sunday, September 4, 2011


This week leading up to Labor Day Weekend has been truly insightful. From our seminar lecture on Wednesday, to my first chapel service at Howard University on Sunday. I have learned that we as students stand on the shoulders of all those who have come before us. Not only our families and those who have shaped our personal lives, but also our ancestors of Africa and the elders of the Howard University Legacy. These are TRULY some huge shoes to fill to not only be as good as the past, but to build onto and be better.

"Every Howard student must take him. It was a truly inspirational experience. Courses and professors like this are the reason you attend an HBCU."- Student Entry on

It wasn't until wednesday's lecture, by Dr. Gregory Carr, that it actually clicked in my head, where I am. Coming to the Mecca I had never heard of this man that I was soon to find out that so many people spoke highly of. After hearing this man's credentials, what he stood for, and after witnessing how he delivers his messages, I was truly inspired. Growing up without my father in my household, and after experiencing certain life encounters with male figures, I have never truly valued the word of another man. Not all men, just some. I often see myself. However, this man changed my mentality. His lesson consisted of several things, all covered within a 50 min time frame.

In short, those topics were:
  1. Mbongi - a room with no barriers in which one may speak only with clarity and authority.
  • The Mbongi is the place where one looks for and finds solutions to problems.
  • In the Mbongi, everyone has the right and the responsibility to speak up.
2. African wisdom and learning tie into each other in aspects of understanding ourselves as well as the universe.

It is truly a blessing to be here at Howard University. There are so many things to smile about and to be proud of at this HBCU. I too am taking the challenge. The challenge to not only be as good as the past, but to build onto and be better, has been accepted. #ChallengeAccepted
David Thomas
Political Science
Oakland, CA

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