Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 3 Post: Omoluabi: Self Actualization and Communal Responsibility

In this week's post I will identify and summarize at least 3 key points of the lecture given to us by Dr. Segun Gbadegesin.

The three key points given to us this week that were most identifiable (to me) were the research question, Antef the philosopher of kimet, and the Omoluabi child.

The research question that was posed stated, “How have scholars across the various fields of study advanced and transformed academic knowledge related to enduring problems of the human condition?” (Dr. Gbadegesin PPT). It was explained to us that the various fields of study have contributed to the understanding of the human conditioning (more specifically to Africans). The focal point of this question was to evaluate how we as a race and as a species can contribute and impact the progress of the human conditioning positively throughout this world.

Antef the Philosopher was from a location in Egypt called Kimet. The slide on a powerpoint gave me the feeling that Antef was a very observant man. In a selection that was read to us, it can be noted that not only was Antef a philosopher but that he knew what it takes to become a philosopher as described on a manuscript known as “the inscription of Antef”.

The Omoluabi child was one born to a chief of iwa (a god). The Omoluabi was very well disciplined in mannerisms as well as academics. The Omoluabi child is also meant to impact those around it in a positive manner. The Omoluabi child is one whom we should strive to align our mannerisms with.

Dr. Carr and Dr. Gbadegesin had many correlations between their lectures. Both of the lectures had a sense of urgency for a growth of knowledge within the African community. This growth can not only help us learn more about our ancestors, but also it can help us learn more about ourselves. I had the impression that this will encourage many of us to do wonderful things while on our tenure here on earth.

Dannie Bolden II

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