Sunday, September 25, 2011

Howard University's 144th Opening Convocation

Dr. Michael L. Lomax, president and chief executive of the United Negro College Fund, was the guest speaker at this year's opening convocation who focused on the significance of HBCUs in the community and the need for them to succeed. He spoke with efforts zoning in on the necessity that HBCUs, particularly those in high standings such as Howard University and Morehouse College, live up to their legacies by propelling students to excel beyond the simple goal of graduation, such that HBCUs can receive the funding that they need and deserve.

Secondly, Dr. Lomax spoke on the need for alumni to give back to the universities that they attended, in order to further support future generations to come. I found Dr. Lomax’s comments on the concept of HBCUs “talking the talk, but sometimes failing to walk the walk” to be the most compelling. I can agree that only with the same hard work and dedication that filled the alumni who built the deep-rooted legacies of HBCUs, can we as a student body continue to further support the greatness of these colleges that we have chosen to attend.

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  1. Virginia State College (now University) graduate here. Guess I should take out my check book more often and increase the amount. :)