Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week Two: Learning, Wisdom, and the African World

Open. Purposeful. Culture.

These are the three most significant elements that I took away from Dr. Carr's moving lecture. It's hard to let sleepy eyes drift or weary minds wander when such a man of enthusiasm such as him has been elected to speak. The lecture floated from specific areas of ancient culture onto more recent rituals found still alive in present day, but the ongoing concept which tied them together was the Mbongi.

Rather than vicariously drift into a speech of African pride and historical facts, I am more drawn to what the lecture spoke of on a notion of global connection. While African decent may dwindle back to the ancestral blood of nearly the entire human population, it is the heart of such that brings us together as a people. Mbongi. The gatherings in order to solve a common goal that cross all cultural boundaries and language barriers. Not a day in time has passed that man has not struggled with questions of great to minor significance, seeking to reach a common conclusion on the matter. As someone of numerous mixed heritages, I can especially appreciate the sense of unity that threaded through Dr. Carr's lecture. Strength is from education of not only oneself but of his peers as well and pride will not take you half as far as understanding.

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  1. Since this post was written, I hope you've had more experiences with speakers, instructors, and lecturers who have invoked such enthusiam.