Sunday, September 25, 2011

Political Activism At Howard

Dr. Richard Wright truly revived our Freshman Seminar. His lesson was highly unexpected but was very powerful. As a political science major, Dr. Wright's insights about the past Howard student political activism truly had me inspired to stand up and be heard.

Howard University has been one of the most politically involved schools in our nation. The peak of HU's political activism took place during the Civil Rights Era. A huge inspirational portion of the lecture occurred when Dr. Wright discussed about the visit of Malcolm X to Howard University. Malcolm X spoke before Howard when it was politically inactive school. He was the catalyst of change for Howard. Malcolm spoke to the students about what they can do, not only to change their own community, but also how they can change their world.

Dr. Wright also spoke about the impact of HBCUs in the African American society. As I stated in my previous post, HBCUs were established as a result of the segregation of education. Most Black students were not able to attend the white universities or colleges. This led alas led to the rise of many powerful African American leaders who were products of HBCUs. As a student in one of the most powerful HBCUs in the world, I have to continue the legacy of all of the students and leaders who came before me. I have scheduled a meeting with Dr. Wright as go-to guy for advice to my COAS Vice Presidential Campaign.

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