Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dannie Bolden's Week 5

This weeks Freshman seminar was presented by Dr. Richard Wright. Dr. Wright talked to the students about Education, Segregation, and Howard University.

Dr. Wright told the students about his era in time, when it was a privilege for an African American to obtain a degree. African Americans had to work hard to be better not only among themselves, but also among all other races. This is because nothing was easy for them. I enjoyed this portion of the lecture because I feel that this is the same way today. It made me realize the contemporariness of his lecture.

Dr. Wright also discussed segregation. The rise of HBCUs began because of the segregation of education. An African American usually was not able to attend a traditional “white” university or college. This is why there are so many leaders among the African American community that came from HBCU schools. This made me feel great, learning about the struggle turned conquered victory of African American education. The efforts of those leaders led to a more diverse college and secondary education.

A huge inspirational portion of the lecture occurred when Dr. Wright discussed about the visit of Malcolm X to Howard University. Before Malcolm X spoke before the school, it was a very politically inactive school. Malcolm spoke to the students about what they can do, not only to change their own community, but also how they can change their world. This inspired the Howard student body to begin to work on becoming a more politically active school. This portion of the lecture really expressed the origins of Howard politically activeness.

Overall I gave Dr. Wright a 10 out of 10, because he really took a new approach on speaking to the students on a more welcome tone. This included the non use of power points when expressing ideals. I was very impressed with Dr. Wright and I hope he will come back and give us another lecture. We were very lucky to have him speak to us. Thank You Dr. Wright.

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