Saturday, October 22, 2011

Howard University Homecoming Blog Post

This past week was homecoming week, and yet I was unable to attend 90% of it. Mostly this week I have been focused on tons of tests and essays.  So besides the daily dinner break, there has been no homecoming for me.  Essentially I guess there are no complaints since I am in fact a student first, and a playboy second.  I have heard that there were many entertainers here on campus such as Young Jeezy, and Wale.  There has been many people from all over the world flooding the campus lately, and its pretty cool knowing that so many people love Howard this much.

All in all there were many festivities such as the talent show, step show, and poetry cipher among other events.  Next year hopefully I will be able to set enough time to actually enjoy these events as opposed to only hearing about them from my colleagues.

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