Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 7 Blog Post

I honestly forgot the speakers name for this week, but she was a very eloquent speaker. This woman described the problems that faced African Americans, by way of stereotypes in America. She also called for the furthering of minority education.

It seems as though these lectures are starting to become repetitive. Each speaker is presenting the same information but in a different format. It feels as though this woman had a very myopic approach though. For example: she evaluated how White Americans are the ethnic group that abuses cocaine, yet she failed to realize that 72% of America is white. This of course means that the highest consumption rate will be in large part to the majority of the population, ie White Americans. What she said was common knowledge, yet she presented this in a very bias approach. She also did the same for Education. She also lumped asians, and non white hispanics as black when presented her data.

The speaker presented the speech with great intentions, but in my opinion she fell pretty short for those already educated about the sociology and psyche of America.

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