Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 7 - The Reality Check

The message of this week's presentation was very effective. We were questioned with statistics that regard all of us as Black People. There are many statistics that "supposedly" define us as Black people. We are better than the world thinks we are.

The media depicts Black people as very negative people. Along with that, people assume that we are worst than we truly are. It feels as though this woman had a very myopic approach though. Despite us being viewed as a poorly represented race from the past, I do not want to be another bad statistic. I have been told to be atypical in everything I do. Do not, for one bit, sleep on the beauty of Black People.

Through it all, I am still a humble young black man. I realize my call to order, purpose, and promises of which I have made to my family.

I will defy ALL negative statistics. I will be atypical.

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