Sunday, October 9, 2011

Miss Evers' Boys Review

On Wednesday I went to go see the Miss Evers' Boys play. I went on opening night because it was pay with what you can night, and of course I am very frugal with money as a college student.

I must say that I was impressed and that Miss Evers' Boys was a great play. It was in some ways different from the movie, yet the production from the Howard University students made it worth watching. The play was about a Nurse named Eunice Evers who took oversaw and befriended some of the african americans during the “Tuskegee experiment” in Alabama. The play dealt with deception and conflict. The deception was the treatment of the African American patients of being tricked into believing their disease was being cured by the nurse. The conflict of the play was the Nurse Eunice knew what was occurring, yet she never told the patients right away about what was going on with their treatment.

Overall the play gave me a sense of enlightenment as well as subtle bits of comedy. I would recommend many people both young and old to see this great movie.

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